Borough Council of Wellingborough

Finedon Road closure

Please be aware that Network Rail are closing Finedon Road from 22 March, to replace their bridge to enable electrification of the line.

Tree Maintenance

Trees on public land

The council is responsible for tree maintenance in:

  • Streets, parks, open spaces and cemeteries in Wellingborough and Finedon
  • Closed churchyards in the Borough.
  • Council owned industrial units in Wellingborough.

General tree enquiries can be reported to Wellingborough Norse by using the online reporting form

Wellingborough Council has a duty to manage the collective tree stock for the benefit of the wider community and in accordance with good arboricultural practices. To meet its legal obligations the council manages its trees by carrying out programmed tree inspections on a regular basis.  Each inspection involves an assessment of the tree's health and condition and identifies any remedial tree work required.  Any work required is placed in Annual Work Programmes.

Trees on private land

Trees on former Council Housing land (including land around sheltered accommodation) are administered by the social landlord. Please contact Wellingborough Homes.

If a tree is overhanging or obstructing the highway, or is dangerous and is in falling distance of the highway, please report it to Street Doctor.

Tree maintenance

Wellingborough Norse provide a range of tree services including pruning, felling, stump grinding, and consultancy such as inspections and reports. For more information and a quote, please contact Wellingborough Norse.

Tree Policy

The Tree Policy provides information on the council’s management and maintenance of trees, legislation that covers some trees and who to contact regarding issues with trees.  The council adopted a Tree Policy in January 2018.
The final Tree Policy is available here