Borough Council of Wellingborough

UK Parliamentary General election

UK Parliamentary General election - 8 June 2017

An early UK Parliamentary General election has been called and will be held on Thursday 8 June 2017. The Wellingborough area will be spilt between two constituencies; Wellingborough and Daventry.

If you would like to apply for a casual vacancy to work on the UK Parliamentary General election, please click here.

Information to be published

The notice of election will be published on Monday 8 May 2017.

The statement of persons nominated, notice of poll and situation of polling stations will be published on 11 May 2017.

Important Dates

Poll cards will be delivered around 10 May 2017.

Postal voting packs will be delivered around 22 May 2017.

Deadline for receiving applications for registration - Monday 22 May 2017 (You can register to vote here)

Deadline for receiving new postal vote and postal proxy applications and for changes to existing postal or proxy votes - 5pm on Tuesday 23 May 2017 (You can download an application to vote by post here)

Deadline for receiving new applications to vote by proxy (not postal proxy or emergency proxy) - 5pm on Tuesday 30 May 2017 (You can download an application to vote by proxy here)

First date that electors can apply for a replacement for lost postal votes - Thursday 1 June 2017

Last time for re-issue of spoilt or lost postal votes - 5pm Thursday 8 June 2017

Deadline for emergency proxy applications - 5pm Thursday 8 June 2017

More information

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