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Elections May 2013

Declaration of result:

Robert Gough has been elected to the Earls Barton ward of the borough council.

Read the full result of the Earls Barton by-election

Veronica Waters has been elected to the Redwell West ward of the borough council.

Read the full result of the Redwell West by election

The full results of the county council election for the borough's six electoral divisions are available on Northamptonshire County Council's website. 

Elections will take place on Thursday 2 May to elect councillors to Northamptonshire County Council.

Also on Thursday 2 May there will be two by-elections for the vacant seats on the Borough Council of Wellingborough. If you live in the Earls Barton or Redwell West wards of the borough you will be able to vote in the by-elections.

Further details about the electoral process can be read in the notice of election.

County councillors are elected every four years and the last election was in 2009. A review has been carried out and reduced the total number of seats from 73 to 57 across the county. More information is available at the Northamptonshire County Council website.

Who is standing for election? 

Details of the candidates standing in the elections on 2 May 2013 are available on the statements of persons nominated.

The names and offices of the election agents for the county council elections have now been published.

The names and offices of the election agents for the borough council elections have now been published.

Where do I vote?

A notice of poll has been published for each county council electoral division, and both of the borough council wards. Each notice of poll lists the location of polling stations for that division or ward.

Northamptonshire County Council elections:

Brickhill and Queensway electoral division

Croyland and Swanspool electoral division

Earls Barton electoral division

Finedon electoral division

Hatton Park electoral division

Irchester electoral division

Borough Council of Wellingborough by-elections:

Earls Barton ward

Redwell West ward

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