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In 2007 Dog Control Orders were introduced by the Borough Council of Wellingborough under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005. Under this legislation it is an offence to fail to remove dog faeces on all public land within the Borough.

Many members of the public are concerned about the mess and the potential health risks caused when dogs foul pavements, parks and public areas. The Council actively encourages dog owners to be responsible and clear up promptly after their dog.

Failure to remove dog faeces

If your dog is witnessed by an authorised officer of the Council fouling in a public area and you do not clear up the faeces, you could be issued with a fixed penalty notice. Refusal to pay the fixed penalty notice may result in you being taken to Court.

Payment of fixed penalty notices

The fixed penalty notice is not payable on it being issued. It must however be paid within 14 days via one of the means detailed on the rear of the notice.

Making a complaint about dog fouling

If you see a dog owner failing to pick up after their dog in a public place you can report it to the Council. Providing the following information on making a complaint would be extremely useful:

 Time, date and location of the incident
 The frequency it occurs
 Description/breed of the dog
 Description of the dog owner
 Name/address of the dog owner

Without this information the chances of an authorised officer catching the offender become reduced. 

Dog Waste Bins

The Council have erected dog waste bins in many areas as a facility for owners who clear up after their dogs. If you are aware of an area where dog fouling is still a problem contact Wellingborough Norse on 01933 234520

Fouling on private land

The Council has limited powers to deal with fouling on private land, including gardens, unless it is so severe for problems such as an odour or a fly infestation. In these cases the Environment Protection Department can require the area to be cleared and give advice on measures which may be taken if the situation does not improve and the action the dog owner can take to minimise the problems.