Borough Council of Wellingborough

Dog Warden Service

Stray Dogs

The Councils dog warden is available to deal with stray dogs and dog enquiries during office hours by telephoning 01933 231960.

If a dog is out on its own, it is classed as a stray. If we catch a stray dog and we can't trace the owner, we will keep it in boarding kennels at your expense, plus the stray dog fee. If you do not collect your dog within seven days, you will lose the right to re-claim it, and we will try to re-home it.

Out of hours the Council now accepts stray dogs brought to our kennels: Country Kennels, Grendon. 

Opening hours:

1700 to 2000 hours Monday to Friday

0800 to 2000 Saturday

0800 to 1600 Sundays and Bank Holidays

Contact out of hours should be made on 01933 229777.

If a dog is found in the late evening we would ask the finder to keep it if possible for collection the next day by the dog warden.

This service is available to deal with stray dogs only. Anyone who no longer wishes to keep a dog should try to re-home it through friends and family, advertising it locally, or contacting an animal welfare charity. The dog warden will also provide advice if required.

It is illegal and irresponsible to abandon a dog and anyone who does so may be liable for prosecution.