Borough Council of Wellingborough

Dog Warden Service

Information on the Dog Warden Service

The Dog Warden is employed by the Council to deal with all matters relating to dog ownership. This includes advice and assistance, as well as enforcing various laws which relate to the keeping of dogs.

The Dog Warden is available to give talks to schools and community groups on issues such as responsible dog ownership and fouling. Talks on responsible dog ownership cover subjects such as choosing a dog, feeding and caring for it, identification, dog fouling and training and control.

The aims of the Dog Warden Service are:

  • Promote responsible dog ownership.
  • Provide advice and assistance on dog behavioural problems.
  • Respond to calls regarding stray dogs during office hours.
  • Provide a reception point for stray dogs out of office hours.
  • Attempt to re-unite lost dogs with their owners.
  • Educate dog owners on the law concerning dog collars & ID discs and the benefits of micro-chipping.
  • Assist in dealing with complaints regarding barking dogs.
  • Respond to complaints of dog fouling.
  • Enforce the Councils Dog Control Orders.
  • Assist Northants Police in dealing with dangerous dogs.
  • Work with the RSPCA on animal welfare issues.

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