Borough Council of Wellingborough

Affordable Housing and Development

Affordable Housing

The Housing Team works with landowners, developers and Registered Providers (RP's) sometimes called Housing Associations to provide affordable housing for people who live in the borough.  This can be for rent or shared ownership, however to be eligible for a rented property you must be accepted onto the Keyways Housing Register.

Find out about current or recent developments and information on Registered Providers that work or have stock in the borough.

A timetable and completed rural housing need surveys in the borough. If you are interested in commissioning our housing team to conduct a housing survey in your area please contact the Housing Team. 

The Housing Plan provides a picture of the housing needs of the Borough and considers how the resources of the Council and others can be used to deliver these housing needs. It combines the Homelessness, Housing Strategy and Tenancy Strategy into one succinct and accessible document for the Borough of Wellingborough for 2013-18. The Housing Plan is available to download.