Borough Council of Wellingborough

Statement of Accounts

Borough Council of Wellingborough's final statement of accounts for 2018-19 has been published today

Statement of Accounts

Calculating Your Entitlement

Making your claim

To claim Housing benefit and/or Council tax support you will need to complete a claim form.

You can get a claim form from the Council Offices, Tithe Barn Road, Wellingborough or you can contact our Customer Services Department on 01933 231692 to request a form by post. Alternatively, you can complete your claim online, or download a claim form.

If you are making a claim for other benefits, for example, Income Support, Job Seeker's Allowance, Incapacity Benefit and Pension Credits you should be given a claim form for Housing benefit by the Department for Work and Pensions

All forms must be fully completed and you will be required to provide documents to confirm the following for yourself and your partner (if you have one):

  • Identity
  • National Insurance Number(s)
  • Income
  • Capital
  • Rent
  • Household

Housing benefit and/or Council tax support is usually awarded from the Monday after the claim form is received at the Council Offices.

Your benefit and/or support cannot be calculated until we receive all the proof BUT don't let this delay sending the form back - you can always send the proof in later.

Please note, however, that you only have one month to provide all supporting evidence.

More information

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