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Energy Saving Tips

There are a number of simple steps that we can all take in order to reduce energy consumption without the need to make radical or costly changes to our lifestyles:

Don't leave electrical items on standbytelevision

You can buy Standby Energy saving switches that reduce the daily energy consumption of electrical devices. They work by completely cutting power to the devices plugged into it when they're not in use, thus saving the power that these devices would otherwise have consumed in Standby Mode.

Only fill the kettle with as much water as you actually needKettle

It is easy to calculate the cost of your kettle:
Check your kettle KWs. They are normally 3 KW.  That means for every hour it will use 3 units of electricity. Check the cost of your electricity per unit. You should find this on your electricity bill.

If each unit of electricity costs 9p and the kettle takes 4 minutes to boil then cost would be 9p x (1KW+1KW+1KW) x 4min divided by 60 min per hour


Draw your curtains as soon as it gets dark to reduce heat loss through the windows.

Turn your thermostat down by 1degree C. You won't notice any difference but you will save energy.

Always ensure you have a full load before using the washing machine.

Use a low temperature washing programme, modern detergents are just as efficient at low temperatures.

Dry washing outside rather than using a tumble dryer.

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