Borough Council of Wellingborough

Household Waste & Recycling Collection Scheme

Your Waste Collection Service

A recycling leaflet and calendar are available to download.

All households are provided with three bins for an alternate weekly collection of recycling, general waste and garden waste. 

Green bin: for recyclable material

Yes please...

  • Paper & Cardboard (newspaper; magazines; shredded paper; junk mail; directories; catalogues; envelopes; cereal boxes; cardboard packaging; juice & milk cartons)
  • Plastic (plastic bottles; yoghurt pots; margarine tubs; carrier bags; ice-cream tubs; plastic food containers)
  • Cans & Tins (Aluminium & steel drinks cans; food tins; metal lids from jars; empty aerosol cans; aluminium foil)
  • Glass (any colour bottles & jars)

No thank you...

Black plastic sacks, food waste; garden waste; pet waste; textiles; polystyrene; cling film; batteries; nappies; sanitary products; pyrex; paint; toys; furniture.

Please wash & squash. All recycling should be clean. Crushing cans and flattening boxes should allow you to fit more in your green bin. If you do need to present additional recycling next to your bin, please use clear or opaque sacks and not black bags.  

Brown bin: for garden waste

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  • Compostable materials (grass cutting; plants; leaves; flowers; prunings; twigs; small branches)

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Soil; bricks or rubble; plastic sacks; vegetable or fruit peelings; kitchen or food waste; pet waste; plant pots; garden hoses, ornaments or furniture.


Black bin: for general household rubbish

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  • General household rubbish which can not be recycled or composted.

No thank you...

Recyclable materials that can go in your green bin; compostable materials that can go in your brown bin; DIY waste and electrical items that can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centres;

Collection information

All bins should be presented for collection by 7am at the edge of the public highway or agreed collection point. Our collection crews are unable to collect from private roads or driveways.

Please try not to unduly obstruct the footpaths, and return your bin to your property as soon as possible after collection.

Your waste should be contained in the bin with the lid closed. Wellingborough Council will not collect any additional bags of household waste left beside your bin.

It is important that you separate your waste and put the correct materials in the right bin. Incorrect items will cause contamination and may mean that we are unable to empty your bin.

Please 'wash & squash'. All items in your green bin should be clean, and squashing them will allow you to fit more materials into your bin.