Borough Council of Wellingborough

Household Waste Recycling Centres

Wollaston Recycling Centre

Wollaston Recycling Centre is operated by Wellingborough Norse on behalf of Wellingborough Council.

Wollaston is open five days a week (closed on Wednesday & Thursday). The site is open on Bank Holidays, but will be closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day (Sunday 25th & Monday 26th December 2016), and closed on New Years Day ( Sunday 1st January 2017).

Winter opening hours are 8am-4pm (from 30th October 2016). Summer opening hours are 10am-6pm.


Wollaston Recycling Centre is still a recycling only site. General household waste (black bag waste) or trade waste is not accepted.

Materials accepted at Wollaston HWRC
 Aerosols  Yes
 Asbestos  No 
 Bricks  Yes
 Caravans & trailers  No
 Car batteries  Yes 
 Cardboard  Yes
 Cartons  Yes
Clothes  Yes
 Computers  Yes 
 Cooking oil  Yes 
 Fire extinguishers  No 
 Fluorescent tubes  Yes 
 Foil  Yes
 Food tins & drink cans  Yes 
 Fridges & freezers  Yes 
 Garden waste  Yes 
 Gas bottles  No
 General household waste  No 
 Hardcore & rubble  Yes 
 Hard plastics  Yes 
 Hazardous waste (chemical, radioactive)   No
 Large appliances  Yes 
 Low energy light bulbs  Yes 
 Glass bottles & jars  Yes 
 Mobile phones  Yes
 Paper  Yes 
 Plasterboard   Yes
 Plastic bottles  Yes 
 Portable batteries  Yes
 Scrap metal  Yes
 Shoes  Yes
 Small appliances  Yes
 Soil  Yes
 TV's & monitors  Yes
 Tyres  No
 Used engine oil  Yes
 Wood & timber  Yes

Household Waste Recycling Centres in Northamptonshire

Most Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) in the County (including the site at Paterson Road in Wellingborough) are managed by a contractor on behalf of Northamptonshire County Council. These sites provide a service for the public to bring household waste, garden waste, recyclables and other items such as unwanted furniture and white goods for disposal, reuse and recycling. Only some sites are able to accept trade waste for a fee.

Further information about these HWRCs, including opening hours, can be found on the Northamptonshire County Council website.