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Wider Growth

North Wellingborough

Planning application WP/2007/0750

An application proposing an urban extension, to the north of Wellingborough Town Centre, has been submitted by Northants LLP on 19th November 2007. 

The application proposes a development of 3,000 residential dwellings, of mixed styles and sizes, including a percentage of affordable homes.   The design also incorporates community facilities to support the new area, such as;

  • 6.69 hectares of Class B1 business uses
  • A Neighbourhood Centre, containing a mix of retail, offices, community, leisure and residential and a health clinic.
  • Two smaller centres, for mix of retail and community.
  • Land to accommodate two Primary schools and playing fields.
  • An extension of 17.66 hectares of Open space
  • Further open space to accommodate; allotments, community orchards, neighbourhood equipped areas for Play (NEAP) and surface water attenuation.

 Provision for access and movement

  • A reserved corridor for the anticipated Isham to Wellingborough improvement including provision for access to that route.
  • Vehicular access from the A509 Niort Way , A510 Northen Way and re-alignment of the existing A509 Kettering Road .
  • Provision for internal circulation routes, including provision for a primary street network accommodating movements by private motorised vehicles, public transport, cycles and pedestrians.
  • Amendments and extension of the footpath and bridleway networks.
  • The areas where access points would be situated are described on Parameter Plan C: Movement Framework.


The approximate locations of buildings, routes and open spaces are shown on the Development Framework Plan and on the Parameter Plans.


The upper and lower limits of the height, width and length of each building are stated in section 13.2 of the Design and Access Statement and specified on Parameter Plan F: Built Form and Parameter Plan G: Building Height.

To view a copy of this application, please visit the View current and past planning applications webpage.

Appeal - WP/2008/0150/OEIA

This identical application was subject to an appeal (APP/H2835/A/08/2093066), received 08 January 2009, against a failure of the Borough Council of Wellingborough to issue notice within the prescribed periods of a decision. On 13 January 2009 the appeal was recovered for the Secretary of State's determination due to the scale of the development. The appeal was subject to a Public Inquiry which opened on 02 June 2009 with the Inspector, Michael Ellison MA (Oxon) presiding as directed by the Secretary of State.

The Inspector subsequently recommended that the appeal be allowed and planning permission granted. The Secretary of State agreed and subject to the submission of a signed planning obligation that appeal was allowed 23 February 2010.