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Wider Growth

Wellingborough East

Image of Wellingboorugh East

The Wellingborough Local Plan alteration (which was consulted on and subsequently adopted in 2004) identified 2875 houses in Wellingborough East (including East of Eastfield Road).

The Wellingborough East site covers:

  • Land North of the A45 - ProLogis Park .
  • Land South of the railway - along Irthlingborough Road including Kangaroo Spinney.
  • Land between Finedon Road and the railway - the main Stanton Cross site.
  • Land North of Finedon Road - the main Stanton Cross site.
  • Neilsons Sidings - the main Stanton Cross site.
  • East of Eastfield Road - Bee Bee Eastfield Urban Quarter.

Stanton Cross

Bovis Homes Ltd, first submitted a planning application in August 2004 with further submissions in December 2005 and October 2006 and a variation (WP/15/00605/VAR) in 2015 which was approved in 2016. 

Stanton Cross - The name explained

Bovis ran a public competition through the Evening Telegraph to name the development. Stanton refers to the former Stanton Ironworks company which operated in Wellingborough in the 1930s. Stanton is also derived from the Anglo-Saxon for stone farm and the Cross part of the name refers to the river and rail crossings required to link the development to Wellingborough.

The Development

The proposed mixed use scheme comprises:  

  1. 3750 residential units
  2. Industrial and commercial development
  3. New public transport links and interchange at the station
  4. Town Park
  5. New and enhanced walking and cycling routes
  6. A neighbourhood centre with doctors, small supermarket and other shops, a community hall and primary school
  7. 2 further secondary local centres
  8. Construction of access roads, bridges and cycle/footways

The approved masterplan for Stanton Cross is available and was approved in 2016 and can be seen here. This was approved by the Council on the 12th December 2006.

The Council has successfully completed two Compulsory Purchase Order of land within the Stanton Cross Development.