Borough Council of Wellingborough


Regeneration is about transformation and revitalisation and involves making improvements to housing, businesses, transport networks, shopping and leisure facilities, as well as improving skills and raising aspirations and expectations.

Through a variety of funding sources the council is working hard to ensure the delivery of the Town Centre regeneration scheme and the objectives outlined in the 2020 vision Strategy and Economic Development Strategy 2011.

The Regeneration Team is responsible for the co-ordination and management of these projects, producing well designed and programmed schemes, relying on the combined skills of all the Council's departments and partners.

Discover more about the Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI), a key project under the remit of the Regeneration team, which is providing five years of investment into the town. 

From here you will be able to obtain up to date information about current and forthcoming economic and environmental regeneration projects around the Borough.

Information on Regeneration