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In memory of Honorary Freeman, Ted Coleman, MBE, who passed away on 10 February 2019. Our sincere condolences are extended to his family.

Review of Polling Districts, Places and Stations 2018

The Borough Council of Wellingborough is required to divide its area into polling districts for the purposes of Parliamentary elections, and to designate polling places for each of those districts.

The last review of polling districts and polling places took place in 2014 and under electoral legislation the council must complete a review of all polling districts and polling places by 31 January 2019. A review is being undertaken this year so that any changes can be implemented prior to the local government elections scheduled for May 2019. You can view the 2014 review by following this link.

Some of the proposed polling districts are very small in area; this is because the boundaries for the borough wards are not the same as the boundaries for county council electoral divisions. The polling districts are designed to prevent any confusion at the polling station which might result in electors being given the wrong ballot paper.

Although this review does not have to include polling stations, we think about their suitability after each election. The last election was in June 2017 and feedback from this election was generally positive which is why no changes to stations have been proposed. Polling stations are inspected using an accessibility checklist so that every effort can be made to make the polling station accessible to disabled electors or those with limited mobility.

A two month consultation period begins on 18 January 2018 and will conclude on 19 March 2018. Representations will be published from 20 March 2018 and the reviewed proposals will be submitted to Resources Committee on 13 June 2018.

The Acting Returning Officers for the proposed Wellingborough, Daventry & Lutterworth and Kettering Constituencies will be consulted and their representations will be published on this website, together with any other representations received.

Representations were invited between 18 January and 19 March 2018. All comments received on the consultation have been collated, redacted and uploaded to the website. You can view them by clicking this link.

All representations will be considered and a full report will be submitted to the council for approval.

Download the notice of review
View a list of proposed polling places and stations for each district
View maps of the proposed polling districts and stations
Download the terms of reference of the review
View the consultation responses