Borough Council of Wellingborough

Freedom of Information Act

Further Information


There is normally no charge for information, however, if researching and compiling the information costs more than £450 a charge can be applied.

  • Costings are based on 18 hours of work charged at £25 per hour.
  • If the work takes over 18 hours the charge would be for all work over this amount at the rate of £25 per hour
  • We will assist in helping refine requests to avoid charges
  • If a fee is required to be paid a fees notice will be issued which would have to be accepted and paid before information could be released
  • A charge can be made for the materials needed to respond to a request for information, if the total cost is £10 or more. If the cost of materials is less than £10 no charge can be made. Photocopies are charged at 10p per sheet of paper.


A request for information may be refused if:

  • It is vexatious or repeated
  • We have asked for further information and it has not been provided
  • Requested fees have not been paid

Refused requests may be appealed internally and then through the Information Commissioners Office if you are not satisfied with the result of the internal review.

Reuse of Information

An application may be submitted for a license to reuse information which has been previously granted under FOI.