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Council tax

Your guide to council tax

The council tax leaflet sets out where our money comes from, including how much you contribute through paying council tax. It also explains what we are proposing to spend that money on this year, and how we are trying to make it go as far as possible as we continue to be committed to making Wellingborough a place to be proud of.

View the council tax 2015/16 leaflet

For further information please see:

Northamptonshire County Council

Northamptonshire Police

Council tax support scheme 2014-15 consultation

The help that working-age people get to pay their council tax bills is likely to change from next year. 

These changes could affect every resident in the borough, not just those that receive council tax support. The changes could affect the services that residents get for their council tax.

We need to ask for people's views about the changes before any final decisions are made.

View the consultation - this consultation is now closed.

Information on Council tax