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Council tax

Your guide to council tax

The council tax leaflet sets out where our money comes from, including how much you contribute through paying council tax. It also explains what we are proposing to spend that money on this year, and how we are trying to make it go as far as possible as we continue to be committed to making Wellingborough a place to be proud of.

View the council tax 2016/17 leaflet

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Northamptonshire County Council

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Adult social care funding

Statement from Department for Communities and Local Government

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has made an offer to adult social care authorities. Northamptonshire County Council is the adult social care authority in Northamptonshire.

The offer is the option of an adult social care authority being able to charge a “precept” of up to 2% on its council tax for the financial year beginning in 2016 without holding a referendum, to assist the authority in meeting expenditure on adult social care. Subject to the annual approval of the House of Commons, the Secretary of State intends to offer the option of charging this “precept” in relation to each financial year up to and including the financial year 2019-20.

In relation to the financial year beginning in 2016 the Secretary of State has determined (and the House of Commons has approved) a referendum principle of 4% (comprising 2% for expenditure on adult social care and 2% for other expenditure), for adult social care authorities. These authorities may therefore set council tax up to this percentage in 2016 without holding a referendum.

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