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Winter information

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Latest news

Visit our news pages to find out what Wellingborough Council is doing to keep the borough moving and safe when it snows.

Council offices

In the event of an emergency the council's out of hours telephone number is 01933 229777.

Refuse collections

Information about any disruptions to refuse collections is available on our recycling and waste pages.

Bin collection days change over Christmas and the New Year. Make sure you don't miss your collection by checking the revised collection dates.

County council services

Visit Northamptonshire County Council's website for information on the of gritting of roads and pavements, as well as school closures.

Grant assistance

See if you qualify for a grant of up to £20,000 to winter-proof your home.

Winter fuel allowance

For information on the winter fuel allowance, please view 'Housing and housing benefits' provided by GOV.UK.

Winter driving

For information on safe winter driving, visit the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) website.

Latest weather

Visit the Met Office website for the latest weather forecasts.


For out of hours medical advice, visit the NHS Direct website or phone 0845 46 47.

Rough sleepers hotline

During the current cold weather, it is vitally important that people sleeping rough are cared for and given the help and advice they need. A dedicated helpline has been set up for members of the public to call if they have concerns about someone sleeping rough in the Northampton area.

The telephone number is 01604 629804.

The service is available 24 hours a day. Please call if you notice new people sleeping rough or are concerned about the deteriorating health and wellbeing of familiar rough sleepers. Information given to the helpline will be passed on to the Gateway Housing Support rough sleepers services and help directed accordingly.