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Partners in Business Programme


Could Your Business Benefit from a Partners in Business Visit?

The Borough Council recognises the importance of local businesses in strengthening the local economy. We are committed to working with local companies, listening to their views and providing information and access to appropriate sources of business support and advice.

In order to help achieve these objectives and strengthen working relationships between the Council and local business community, we would like to visit selected companies. This will allow us to better understand the issues facing them and discuss any ideas and suggestions. This is the 'Partners in Business' Programme.

What does it Involve?

The Programme sees representatives of the Council, including Councillors, visiting selected businesses. We aim to visit one business each month. However, the Council's Economic Development Manager is happy to make extra visits on her own or with partner organisations if you would like a prompt visit and don't require councillors to attend.

A Partners in Business visit normally involves two or three Councillors and the Economic Development Manager visiting your premises. Other agencies can be involved at your request.

The visit can be arranged for a time and date to suit your company and would ideally include a short tour of your premises to allow you to explain how your business operates. This would be followed by a period set aside for discussion.

How do I Book a Visit?

If you think your business would benefit from a Partners in Business visit then please contact Nicola Mackenzie, Funding & Regeneration Officer - or by phone on 01933 231983.