Borough Council of Wellingborough

Paying by phone?

Please note we are unable to take over the phone payments on 15-17 May 2018. You can still pay online. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience.

How we measure and manage performance

The Council manages its performance by:

  • collecting the right information to measure the achievement of objectives and priorities
  • analysing that information and putting it in to context, and
  • reporting in a clear and timely manner to Members and officers to help them make decisions that will improve performance.

Data Quality

To ensure that our information can be trusted we have implemented a Data Quality Strategy which is designed to improve the quality of the performance data collected by the council. The council's data quality documents are:

  • Performance Framework - the council's procedures and documents used to monitor and improve performance.
  • Performance Indicators (PIs) - these are revised on an annual basis and relate to the council's PRIDE objectives.
  • Data Quality Strategy - aims to ensure the data we use is fit for purpose, that we have a consistent approach to data quality and that we improve the delivery of the council's priorities.
  • Data Quality Annual Review Plan - itemises regular actions which need to be undertaken to ensure data remains of good quality.
  • Performance Indicator Written Procedure Template - a return to be completed for all PIs on an annual basis, giving information about the collection or calculation of the data, who is responsible, where it comes from, where it is filed, what checks are made for accuracy etc.
  • Performance Improvement Plans - PIPs will be triggered when a PI has fallen into the 'Red' status, where the trend has been downward for a few months, and where there is no imminent prospect for improvement. They describe the causes of poor performance and what remedial action will be taken.  CMT.

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