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Discretionary Housing Payments

Every year the Council is given a sum of money from Central Government to award Discretionary Housing Payments to people who need further assistance to meet their eligible housing costs. 

It is an additional payment to Housing Benefit and can be awarded at the discretion of the authority. These payments are only available to people entitled to Housing Benefit who require further assistance. 

When people are charged rent it sometimes states in their tenancy agreement that the rent includes a charge for other services, such as meals, electricity and charges for water. Eligible housing costs are therefore the amount of charged rent minus any ineligible service charges. 

Ineligible service charges are not paid by Housing Benefit. Therefore, you may have a shortfall in the amount of Housing Benefit that the Borough Council of Wellingborough pays and the amount of rent you must pay your landlord. Unfortunately Discretionary Housing Payments are NOT available to make up this shortfall.

There is no additional help available to you with your council tax costs.


  • Are you entitled to Housing Benefit?
  • Is Housing Benefit leaving you a shortfall in the actual amount of rent you need to pay?
  • Is the shortfall, eligible rent costs?

If you can answer yes to the above questions and the Borough Council of Wellingborough is satisfied that you require further financial assistance you may be awarded a Discretionary Housing Payment.

Making a claim

If you wish to claim a Discretionary Housing Payment you must complete our application form. Please call into the benefits office, contact us on 01933 231692 or download an application form.

Please note, the length of time the authority will pay an award is at their discretion.

Changes in rent

If private rent charges change then you should confirm the rent changes in writing. Proof of the new rent level will be required.

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