Borough Council of Wellingborough

Policies and guidance used in the determination of planning applications

Information on the policies and guidance that we use to determine planning applications.

The Development Plan

This is the collective term for the policies that we use in the determination of planning applications. The 'Development Plan' consists of:

National Planning Policy Framework does not form part of the Development Plan but is a material consideration which must be taken into account, where relevant, in making decisions on planning applications. Using the link will transfer you to the Communities and Local Government website where you will be able to access national planning policy documents.

Planning Guidance - Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance

We also produce guidance known as Supplementary Planning Documents, Supplementary Planning  Guidance (SPD/Gs) and informal guidance in order to provide further explanation on specific planning policies. This may be focused on the development of a specific site, the town centre or a particular issue such as sustainable design or planning contributions. 

If you notice any errors or information which is either missing or that you think would be useful to host on our web pages please contact Planning Policy at to let us know.

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