Borough Council of Wellingborough

International Waendel Walk 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register to take part?

You can find our application form here, alternatively you can book online through the Castle Theatre.


Can I take my dog on the walk?

  • Dogs are welcome to take part in any of the walking events during the weekend. Drinking points are provided for dogs at Control Points along the routes.
  • However please be advised that there will be stiles and fences to negotiate along some of the routes.
  • Dogs must be kept on leads and under control at all times particularly near livestock and other walkers.
  • Dog owners are expected to clear up after their dogs.

Why are the start times different for each walk?

The Start Times of each route are staggered for several reasons. Firstly, it is to allow us to monitor the number of walkers on each route and to ensure that our Control Points are ready and prepared, and secondly it is to allow each participant enough time to complete their walk safely. 

Why can't I have a map or route description before the event?

Maps and Route descriptions are issued at the Start Desk to all participants who have registered to take part.

Issue of the information and emergency wristband on the day helps to monitor participants along each route. It also ensures that those taking part have registered correctly and have full access to our first aid facilities and event safety information.

What happens if I cannot complete my walk?

If you unfortunately have to drop out of your walk, you will need to do so at the nearest check-point if possible, where you will need to alert the event organisers, who will log you out of the event.

NEAT first aid services will be patrolling all routes throughout the weekend and an emergency contact number will be given to all participants at the Start Desk.