Borough Council of Wellingborough

Application Guidance

Guidelines for completing a job application

Applications to work for the council must be submitted on our application form (either the employment application form or the employment application form (cv).        

You will need the following documents before you complete your application:-

  • our application form (including our equal opportunities monitoring form)
  • the job description for the post for which you intend to apply
  • the person specification for the post for which you intend to apply
  • the general information for applicants

    REMEMBER the decision about whether or not you will be invited to an interview will be based upon the information you provide in your application.  It is especially important that you complete section 1 of the employment application form, or that your cv provides all the relevant information required to evidence how you meet the requirements of the person specification for this role.  Section 1 provides most of the information that will be required to score your application against the person specification criteria.

    Read through the documents before completing your application. Make sure you understand the requirements of the job, both in terms of the duties of the job (job description) and the personal requirements to be able to carry out those duties (person specification).

    Check that you are able to meet the minimum essential requirements in the person specification and that you consider that you could successfully carry out the duties of the post, after a reasonable period of instruction and familiarisation.

    Draft your application first to enable you to amend it before you complete the final version. Ensure that in preparing your application you explain how you meet the requirements of the person specification and indicate how your skills and experience can be related to the duties of the post. Don't forget that whilst your work experience will be important to include in your application, other experience gained outside of work in community and voluntary organisations or leisure interests, could be equally valid. Keep your application concise and to the point and do not be tempted to enclose lots of additional documents unless these are essential. 

    Complete your application in black ink, have it typewritten or edit the published form on your computer remembering that the person assessing it will need to be able to read what you have said quickly and easily. Make sure that you complete all sections of the form, put any dates in the right order and account for any gaps.

    Read through your application. Check that you have completed all parts of the form.

    Submit your completed forms in good time to arrive by the closing date. If you are returning your application by the postal system please ensure that the level of postage paid is adequate.  Late applications will not be considered. You are advised to keep a copy.

    If you are not successful in gaining an interview you can contact Human Resources on the following e-mail address who will be able to provide feedback on your application.

    Edition: June 2018  August 2018