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Wellingborough Community Safety Partnership


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What is Community Safety?

Community Safety is an important issue to many people.  We all want to live in a safe and pleasant environment where problems of crime and disorder are understood and are being tackled.  The Government requires the Police, local authorities and other agencies to work together to promote Community Safety.  In Wellingborough, Community Safety is addressed through the Community Safety Partnership.  This may also be referred to as the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership or CDRP.

The Wellingborough Community Safety Partnership consists of many groups of people who all have an impact on community safety in Wellingborough.  This involves representatives from a wide range of groups and organisations.  The local partners for Wellingborough include the Police, the healthcare trust,  the Probation Service, Fire and Rescue, Northants County Council, and voluntary organisations such as Women's Aid, Victim Support  and others. 

How does the Partnership work?

The Borough Council, Northamptonshire County Council, the Police and other local partners have worked jointly to produce the Community Safety Plan for Wellingborough.

It is vital that community safety work takes into account the needs of local people who live and work in the Borough.  See also:

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